AdipoLABs launches ‘..

AdipoLABs launches ‘high-frequency hyperthermia cancer treatment device’ in Malaysia(Photo from left) Malaysian Minister of Health and Welfare (Datuk James Ratib), Cyberjaya University Chairman (KAL..

‘K-Medical Device’ w..

‘K-Medical Device’ winning 1st place in Malaysian Oncology Society paper AdipoLABs, “We have proven the effectiveness of the product’s ‘cancer immunotherapy’ through ASCOMOS”ASCOMOS Thesis Poste..

2023-02-21 15:16:37

The 4th IVRA Interna..

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2018-05-24 10:10:20

The 7th Asian Congre..

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2018-03-06 17:56:58

AdipoLABs Hosts 'Cas..

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2017-04-29 18:19:52

2017.04.29 대한온열의학회

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2017-04-27 18:10:53

2017.04.27-29 2017 헬..

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