We aim to achieve "Healthy Life" the greatest wish of mankind, through the medical high-frequency device named "REMISSION 1˚C."

'Hippocrates' who is known as the father of medicine once mentioned in his aphorism that "every disease can be cured with heat."

We will continue to research and endeavor to eliminate the pain of those patients suffering from

incurable diseases even at this time by guiding them into a new world of hyperthermia therapy.

We will consider the mankind being free from the pains of all diseases as our mission

and will continue to make progress until we are reborn as the No. 1 medical company with integrity and sincerity.

Leader of Adipo Labs Sung Ho Han

Company Introduction

Company AdipoLabs Co., Ltd.
CEO Sung Ho Han

2003.04 Establishment‘Daol(Medical Device)

2007. Foundation of Rebecco Medical in

2010. Change of name to Adipo Labs Inc

Main Business

High frequency heat cancer treatment,

Manufacture of obesity treatment, scalp management machinery, cosmetics

GMP Acquisition 2010.05.28
Address(Head Office) Woolim e-BIZ Center, 43, Yangsan-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Website http://www.adipo.co.kr
Contact Information Tel. 02-2634-8800 / Fax. 02-6280-6668

Company Outline

We present medical devices of optimal quality with advanced technology.

Since its establishment, AdipoLABs has been working continuously on R&D to develop innovative technologies and introduce the products with the highest quality.

As a specialized manufacturer of hyperthermia medical equipment that relies on high frequency, AdipoLABs has new core technologies and creative ideas based on high frequency.

In addition, each member of AdipoLABs contributes to forming a healthy corporate culture in which everyone can work in a stress-free environment with pleasure.

AdipoLABs Co., Ltd. will take the lead as a global leader in protecting human health with passion and spirit in the field of hyperthermia treatment. We will always be with you.