Business Overview

Business beliefs

  • Global business
  • Global image for innovation
  • Continuous efforts and endorsements
  • Education and training for effective human resources

  • Brand management
  • Efforts to construct brand position
  • Differentiation through new technology
  • Incessant development efforts

  • Product development
  • Future-oriented product development
  • Nurturing of outstanding researchers of each field
  • Division of planning and development
  • New challenge with research and development

Personnel Philosophy

  • AdipoLABs is a healthy company led by honest, faithful, and beautiful people.
  • AdipoLABs is a fair organization in which everyone is given with equal opportunities. We do not discriminate and reward those who put in the best efforts all the time.
  • AdipoLABs is a single family. Everyone trusts each other within one organization. We respect one another and rely on each other through bad and good times of life. We love one another.

Business Introduction