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Hana Financial Investment, Financial support to United World Halal Development-AdipoLABs for Medical Equipment Export Contract : 2018.09.05
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From right) Lee Jin-guk, president of Hana Financial Investment / Mohamed Jinna, chairman of United World Halal Development(UNWHD) / Han Sung-ho. CEO of AdipoLABs Co., Ltd. are taking a commemorative photo. Picture = Hana Financial Investment

Hana Financial Investment announced on the 5th that they would support the financial business of the medical device export contract between UNWHD and AdipoLABs and provide financial advice to a new joint venture in India.

At the Hana Financial Investment Yeouido Headquarters, 20 key figures were attended by Hana Financial Investment president Lee Jin-guk, President of UNWHD Mohamed Jinna,  AdipoLABs CEO Han Sung-ho, etc.

AdipoLABs is a medical device manufacturer. They are producing 'REMISSION 1ºC', a high-frequency hyperthermia medical device for cancer treatment developed by pure domestic technology.

REMISSION 1ºC is a medical device that treats cancer cells through deep heat. It is used in more than 50 hospitals in Korea and has obtained the approval of the Korea Food and Drug Administration(KFDA) as well as the first Halal certification and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) registration. It has been installed in a hospital in Chennai, India, since July, and has been used to treat cancer patients. A total of 250 units, about $ 60 million, will be exported to India through UNWHD.

Hana Financial Investment will provide financial advice related to export contracts. In addition, United World Halal Development(UNWHD) and AdipoLABs are in charge of financial advisory to AdipoLABs healthcare India Pte. Ltd., which is established to provide stable medical devices in India.

Lee Jin-guk, president of Hana Financial Investment, said, “We are very pleased to be able to help Korean companies with excellent technology to make inroads into overseas markets. Through this agreement, we will do our best to accelerate its advancement into the Islamic world in financial affairs.”

Mohamed Jinna, Chairman of UNWHD, said, “I received the procedure directly at REMISSION 1ºC and concluded the contract with confidence in the treatment method. I hope many people suffering from cancer get better and will also appreciate if you have an interest in halal”

Han Sung-ho, CEO of AdipoLABs Co., Ltd., said I hope this agreement will give hope to patients around the world suffering from cancer. We will move forward to conquer cancer by expanding the export of REMISSION 1ºC to many countries overseas”

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