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The 7th Asian Congress of Hyperthermic Oncology(ACHO) was held : 2018.05.24
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The 7th Asian Congress of Hyperthermia Oncology(ACHO) was held at the St. Mary's Hospital, Catholic University. The competition will last to 25th May. / Photo = Provided by AdipoLABs

The 7th Asian Congress of Hyperthermic Oncology (ACHO 2018) will be held at the St. Mary's Hospital, Catholic University, Seoul by 25th for 3 days. The regular academic conference is the seventh time this year.

On the second day, the 24th, presentations and booth exhibitions will be held under the theme of thermal immunotherapy. The lecturers will be ‘The Evolving Role of Hyperthermia In Leading Edge Oncologic Care’ by Professor Mark Hurwitz of Thomas Jefferson University, USA, and ‘Recent achievements and future aspects of regional hyperthermia in oncology’ by prof. Rolf Issels of Munich University in Germany etc. In addition, Dr. Choi Il-bong, Chairman of the Korea Thermal Medicine Society, Prof. Yu-hwa Seung of Dunsan Oriental Hospital of Daejeon University and Park Sung-joo of Biomed Nursing Hospital will present the effects of hyperthermia cancer treatment.

The other lectures are planned on 25th that the 'Temperature dependent mechanism of hyperthermia' by Prof. Chang W. Song of the University of Minnesota, and 'In situ vaccination for vaccination for thermotherapy' tumor immunotherapy: an old approach relevant for today ' by prof. Stevne Fiering of Dartmouth College Zlysle College of Medicine in USA. The seminar room will showcase posters on hyperthermia therapy methods and hyperthermia medical devices. In addition, the medical device company AdipoLABs will participate in the introduction of high-frequency hyperthermia cancer treatment device and efficacy of hyperthermia ‘REMISSION 1’.

The conference was organized by the Asian Society of Thermal Medicine and hosted by the Korea Institute of Thermal Medicine. AdipoLABs, Korea Institute of Thermal Medicine, Research Institute of Advanced Convergence Radiation Technology, Catholic University of Korea, Biosin Korea, News In Media, Sisayonhap Newspaper are the sponsors for this event.