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AdipoLABs Hosts 'Case of Cancer Treatment of Hyperthermia and Immunotherapy by REMISSION 1℃' Seminar at KIMES 2018: 2018.03.06
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Poster of the Seminar 'Case Report of Cancer Treatment Using Hyperthermia Medical Device (REMISSION 1 ℃)'. (Source = AdipoLABs)

(Seoul = Gukje News) Reporter Min Kyung-chan = AdipoLABs will participate and exhibit high-frequency hyperthermia medical device ‘REMISSION 1℃’ in the KIMES 2018 (34th Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show) held at COEX in Seoul on March 15 ~ 18. And they will hold a seminar 'Case of Cancer Treatment of Hyperthermia and Immunotherapy by REMISSION 1'.

'REMISSION 1 ℃', the theme of the booth exhibition and seminar, is a medical high-frequency hyperthermia device that was licensed in October 2015 by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety(KFDA) for cancer treatment. This equipment energizes the high-frequency of 0.46Mhz to the human body to generate deep heat inside the body, which necrosis cancer cells which is weak to heat compared to normal cells. At the same time, it is a high-frequency hyperthermia medical device that treats cancer by increasing the immunity due to the increase in deep heat.

AdipoLABs' REMISSION 1 ℃ exhibition booth will be held on the 15th to 18th at Hall D346, 3rd floor, COEX. 'Case of Cancer Treatment of Hyperthermia and Immunotherapy' seminar will be held at 3rd floor, Seminar room 300, COEX exhibition hall from 1 pm to 5 pm on 16th March.

Chairman Choi Ihl-bohng, Chairman of the Korean Society of Thermal Medicine and the Asian Society of Thermal Medicine, Prof. Jang Hong-seok and Prof. Kang Yeong-nam, Professor of Radiation Oncology, The Catholic University of Korea, Seoul National St. Mary's Hospital, Professor Ju Jong-Chun of Oriental Medicine, Wonkwang University, Park Su-Jeong, Department of Sasang Constitutional Medicine, Woosuk University, will give a lecture. These lectures will be given on the principles of hyperthermia and their efficacy against cancer. In addition, we will present examples of patients who have improved by applying REMISSION 1 ℃.

Seminars can be pre-registered on March 16 at the KIMES homepage menu seminar by selecting 'Case of Cancer Treatment of Hyperthermia and Immunotherapy by REMISSION 1'