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85 IVRA draws attention to presenting a new medical paradigm to overcome COVID-19 HOT 2024-02-21   420 (주)아디포랩스
84 COVID-19 new treatment method ‘hyperthermia treatment device’… Research begins in earnest with launch of IVRA HOT 2024-02-21   421 (주)아디포랩스
83 Establishment of IVRA with medical staff from 30 countries, “preparation of coronavirus treatment measures” HOT 2024-02-21   466 (주)아디포랩스
82 International conference ‘IVRA’ held to share hope in medical care to overcome COVID-19 HOT 2024-02-21   413 (주)아디포랩스
81 Overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic, we host a stage for sharing medical care HOT 2024-02-21   362 (주)아디포랩스
80 AdipoLABs’ ‘practice of love that transcends borders HOT 2024-02-16   363 (주)아디포랩스
79 AdipoLABs, selected as ‘First in Class’ hyperthermia cancer treatment device HOT 2024-02-16   378 (주)아디포랩스
78 Research on cancer immunotherapy effects of high-frequency hyperthermia cancer treatment device ‘REMISSION 1℃’ begins in earnest HOT 2024-02-16   357 (주)아디포랩스
77 ’'High-frequency heat treatment' that burns away cancer and even 'amplifies' immunity" HOT 2024-02-16   367 (주)아디포랩스
76 AdipoLABs, high-frequency hyperthermia cancer treatment device with a REMISSION 1℃, receives European certification and Malaysian MDA approval HOT 2024-02-16   418 (주)아디포랩스
75 High-frequency hyperthermia cancer treatment device ‘REMISSION 1℃’ opens export path to Malaysia HOT 2024-02-15   480 (주)아디포랩스
74 “There are trials, but there are no failures” AdipoLABs’ CE success story HOT 2024-02-15   480 (주)아디포랩스
73 High-frequency hyperthermia device REMISSION 1℃ receives European CE certification, attracting attention from Malaysian medical community HOT 2024-02-15   486 (주)아디포랩스
72 AdipoLABs’ high-frequency device ‘REMISSION 1℃’ is being exported to Europe HOT 2024-02-15   507 (주)아디포랩스
71 AdipoLABs, "we will definitely prove 'thermotherapy' in cancer and COVID-19" HOT 2020-05-28   3731 (주)아디포랩스